What tile flooring size options do I have?

What tile flooring size options do I have?

When shopping in the tile store, you'll find an almost endless variety of sizes and shapes, not to mention all the colors and patterns. It can all be a little overwhelming.

The short answer is that you have a lot of options. Understanding the size will help you determine what's best for your space.

Size is usually related to shape. Consider your interior design plan, goals, challenges, and room size.


This is the most common shape, especially in 4X4 size. But they can be as small as 2X2 or as large as 24X24.

A rectangular floor tile can be as small as 1 X 2 or as large as 6 X 8. Again, there's a range in between.

Two shapes, different sizes

1. Mosaics. These highly decorative, durable, and often glass-coated pieces can sometimes be as tiny as ? X ?, depending on the shape. They can be mini squares, buttons, florals, or more.

Mosaics are used as bathroom floors for their ornate patterns and many grout lines. Those lines help to add texture and traction.

2. Penny rounds. These became popular in the early 1900s with the advent of black and white floor tile patterns but now come in all colors and finishes.

While they can be made from ceramic, they are usually composed of porcelain because of their durability.

These are attached to a mesh to make installation easier. They are great for retro designs on floors or walls.

So many options

It's always best to describe your project to the professionals in our tile shop, so you are guided to the right one for your space.

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