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Soft, comfortable, soothing –Carpet makes the perfect flooring for your home

With so many flooring choices available on the market, it’s getting harder and harder for homeowners to figure out what’s best for their home renovation. However, carpeting is something truly unique and elegant –while being cozy, warm, and endlessly inviting. Think carpet would make an ideal addition for your upcoming room makeover? Let us help you decide what to put on your floor with the following carpet installation advantages.

Comfort and security

It’s warm, soft, and cozy –but carpets are so much more than meets the eye! A plush fiber installation also provides a flexible, cushioned flooring for shock absorption, a must in homes with children, seniors, and people with reduced mobility. The thicker the under pad, the more shock absorption you get. Thus, with soft surfacing, you can greatly decrease slips and falls, while also offering a padded place to land in the event of accidents.

Warmth and insulation

No matter where you install it, carpets provide excellent insulation by reducing heat loss. The warm fibers offer a means to reduce energy costs, helping you maintain a warm, cozy space without excessive heating bills. Visit our showroom today to see our collection!

Healthy, clean indoor environment

Over the years, there’s been much debate over whether or not soft surfacing exacerbates breathing issues like allergies or asthma. Luckily, that debate was put to rest a few years back when research showed carpet creates a healthy indoor environment, by acting as a sponge to absorb airborne dander, allergens, and dust.


When there is no fiber surfacing in a room, sound carries further, and small noises resound into big ones. However, when carpeting is added, the fibers absorb sound, contributing to a peaceful, quiet area. Carpets are a great way to reduce noise between rooms or between floors.

Endless style options

Nowadays, you’ll be positively amazed by how many styles you’ll have to choose from –the possibilities truly seem endless! There’s a vast array of color, pattern, and plush options, offering you a means to find an installation that suits your space perfectly.

Carpet flooring retailer

Wondering if carpet flooring is right for you? Come visit our Carpet Country Flooring & Design Center Twinsburg, OH showroom to view our vast selection of flooring samples. Servicing the Macedonia, Aurora, Hudson, Solon, and Twinsburg, OH regions, our on-site professional would be glad to guide you towards finding the best floors for your home.