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Attractive, resilient, long-lasting –Hardwood floors are truly timeless

Whether you're looking to renovate your bedroom, kitchen or living room, resilient, attractive, solid hardwood flooring offers a timeless look that will last for generations. From classic mahogany to modern white-washed maple, you're guaranteed an installation that truly has its personality altogether. If you want a high-performance flooring that can be revarnished over and over again, then consider a beauty like no other: solid hardwood floors.

Strength and durability

For countless years, homeowners have trusted hardwood for the highest standard in flooring. Manufactured to perfection and kiln-dried for a unique appearance, a wood installation simply comes with certain expectations –very high expectations. Because of this, the strong, durable planks provide a hard-wearing surface that’s capable of enduring heavy foot traffic and other activity without getting damaged.

Valuable, long-term investment

Increase the value of your property with hardwood flooring. It’s a long-term investment that can add a significant amount of resale value. In many cases, a hardwood installation can add more to the selling price than the actual cost of the installation. Call us today for more information!

Easy to clean

There’s a lot of misconception regarding wood care, which surrounds the belief that it’s a flooring that difficult to clean. The truth is the opposite. Regular weekly cleaning can easily remove dust, dirt, and other substances, without the need for excessive scrubbing, mopping or waxing.

High-quality look

Hardwood floors are truly a look that never goes out of style. They provide a sense of beauty and warmth while imbuing a room with high-end, elegant aesthetics. Call it classic, call it timeless –whatever you call it, it's an impressive flooring that's simply unlike any other.

A wide collection of styles

Manufactured in a wide collection of style options, there are seemingly countless species, stains, colors, textures, and grain patterns. Additionally, you can also get prefinished and unfinished planks. Regardless of the particular lookyou want, you’re sure to find the perfect planks with hardwood.

Healthier indoor environment

A hard surfacing installation offers a clean, sleek look void of embossing, grout lines, and fibers. As such, many allergy sufferers and people with breathing difficulties feel it gives a healthier indoor environment and cleaner air quality.

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Come to our hardwood flooring store in Twinsburg, OH to find quality flooring and reliable advice. At Carpet Country Flooring & Design Center, we service the Macedonia, Aurora, Twinsburg, Hudson, and Solon regions, and would be more than happy to provide you with honest, exceptional service.